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Changing your mind about participating in The Million Women Study

Thank you to all of our participants for your long and dedicated response to our surveys which we have been mailing/e-mailing to you for over 20 years. We fully recognise that you may feel that the time has come to stop receiving our surveys, or you may wish to withdraw completely from the study.

The guide below is to provide you with the choices that are available for you, and how to let us know
of your decision.

There are three options – please let us know which one you prefer:

1. No further contact: we will no longer contact you with surveys or other requests, but you give us permission to keep and continue to use information (and any blood samples) you have already provided, and to continue to obtain and use information from your medical records to follow your health, as before.

2. No further contact or access to your health records: we will not contact you again and we will not collect any more information through your health records; but you give us permission to keep and use the information (and any samples) already provided.

3. Complete opt-out (no new use of data): in addition to no longer contacting you or obtaining information through medical records, we will stop new use of the information and of samples already provided (your information may be included in anonymised datasets already being analysed and it will not be possible to remove your data from these; we will ensure your information is not used in future data analysis). We will keep a simple record about you on our database so that we know not to contact you.

Please let us know in writing to:

The Million Women Study Co-ordinating Centre
Cancer Epidemiology Unit
Nuffield department of Population Health
Richard Doll Building
Roosevelt Drive
Oxford OX3 7LF
United Kingdom